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Susanne Rust

Susanne Rust

Susanne Rust studied International Economics at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. After starting her carreer in the private sector as responsible for the financial departement in Spain for a company with german origin, Mrs. Rust directed the company Aranda International Assistance, S.L. from 2006 onwards. In november 2009 Susanne Rust became founding partner and managing director of Abacus Accounting, S.L. During her profesional carrees Mrs: Rust has imparted clases on the Spanish Tax System at Hamburg University. She also participated in various conferences as exponent and published articles about the spanish fiscal system.

Lisa Houdelet

Lisa Houdelet

Lisa Houdelet started out in a company in Madrid where she worked in the administration and accounting. Then she studied administrative techniques where she concentrated on the accounting. November 2009 she started working with Susanne Rust at Abacus Accounting, where she still works in administration and accounting, as well as in the area of payroll. Mrs. Houdelet joined the team of Abacus Accounting from the start.
She speaks German, Spanish and English.

Maris Männik

Maris Männik

Already during her studies at the Tallinn School of Economics Maris Männik started working for BDO Eesti AS, a company belonging to the BDO group of auditors, at first as accounting assistant and after graduating as accountant. Her work obligations included a wide range of tasks related to accountancy both for national and international enterprises.
After more than four years of working for the aforementioned company, she finished the previous work relation due to moving to Spain and joined the team of Abacus Accounting, S.L. in February 2010.


Who are we?

At Abacus Accounting we are aware that the challenges of a correct and efficient execution of administrative tasks often represent a great obstacle to the establishment of an international company in Spain. This is related to the specific local circumstances and the language barrier. Therefore, we present our highly qualified team of staff available who have extensive experience in the areas of administration, accounting, according to PGC, U.S. GAAP, etc. as well as payroll services and offer simultaneously to serve you in Spanish, English, German or Dutch.


Welcome to

Abacus Accounting

We will ensure that the administration of your company will be as easy as playing with the abacus. We offer you our vast experience in the areas of taxation, financial accounting and payroll services, and link this knowledge with the offer to serve in your native language so that language will be no obstacle for an efficient and effective administration and control of your company in Spain.



  • Office space
  • Mailing address
  • Search for suitable staff
  • Operate receivables and payment management
  • Conduct in case of payment orders

Financial Accounting

  • Assume your entire accounting externally
  • Monthly reports about key figures and results
  • Advise on accounting systems
  • Adapt your accounting system to spanish rules
  • Creation of internal reports and statements


  • Draw up all tax returns
  • Tax returns for non-resident companies and individuals with or without a permanent establishment, non-profit associations, in Spain-based companies and individuals


  • We take care of your complete payroll system
  • Registration at the social security
  • Administration of the payments to the social security
  • Creation of the payslip
  • Payment of the income taxes
  • Creation of the standard working contracts
  • Consultant activities about the spanish system

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